About us

BuTu is an international advertising and gaming platform, the main purpose of which is to find and attract new customers to partner companies by placing gifts and assigning them GPS coordinates, for the realization of which a special multiplayer mobile game was created, available for free to everyone on the App Store and Google Play.

Our advantages:

Each gift is a new customer.

The platform system is built in such a way that more than the 1st of your gift can not be in the hands of the 1st player, this means that 100 of your gifts guarantee you 100 new orders. Thus, you know about the results of the advertising company before it starts.

Service flexibility.

BuTu is a fully customizable platform that each user adapts to his or her type of activity and the desired budget of an advertising campaign.

Ease and simplicity of service.

The platform is simple and concise, has an intuitive interface.

Guarantee to attract new customers.

Using the tools of our platform, you are able to change any data about your exhibited gifts from their location to their content, further optimizing their advertising campaign. Players, using the BuTu application, have the opportunity to exchange the found gifts among themselves, thereby ensuring that your gift hits the interested customer.

Control and statistics.

We give you the opportunity to independently monitor the progress of your advertising campaign on-line and adjust it at any stage without additional investments.

The price of our services.

The price of our services varies from 10 to 100 rubles for each new client, having an advertising budget of 500 rubles, on average you will receive 20 new clients.

Geo targeting.

The map of the area built into the platform allows you to get customers from the most attractive places for your business. Choosing the area of ​​advertising, the price for you remains unchanged.

Customer confidence.

The platform has a completely transparent structure; all ratings of the platform are built only from real achievements of companies and players without the possibility of buying leading positions.

To use the service you need:

  • To register
  • Select an area on the map of your city.
  • Independently or with the help of hints fill out the form of presenting gifts
  • Meet new customers.