BuTu — changing the world effortlessly

  • More than 100,000 prizes were awarded in the Russian Federation on the first day of the launch of the platform.
  • 30 000 new customers were received by our partners for the first week of using the service.
  • More than 14 000 000 rubles in the first week of the service our partners saved on advertising.
  • Thousands of players across the country have already found their gifts.
  • Every day many different prizes appear in your city.
BuTu — is a unique opportunity for your business
  • We find and bring you new customers.
  • We provide the most flexible and versatile platform.
  • Using our platform you reduce advertising costs to a minimum.
  • We provide full statistics on the progress of your advertising campaign in the on-line mode.
  • We provide the opportunity to adjust your advertising campaign at any stage without additional investments.
  • We guarantee to attract new customers.
BuTu — for you

BuTu is a gaming advertising platform that opens up new opportunities for small, medium and large businesses. The game application is available on the App Store and Google Play.